Franklen Computer – A Bright Way For Web Designing

Our  Web Design company has developed innovative web solutions utilizing the latest technologies to assist customers in achieving their web-related goals. Over ten years experience developing and designing WordPress websites that are user and search engine friendly. Our developing process includes web design as well as keyword research so that your new website appears under the Google index. Our team of web designers will work together to deliver not just a pretty site, but also a website with the functionality your business needs to increase revenue.

The Web Design Process:

Step One – Wireframe design and development to solidify website navigation layout.

  1. Develop wireframe concepts.
  2. Deliver wireframe concept for approval.
  3. Iteration of wire frame concept if required.
  4. Final approval of wire frame concept.

Step Two – Homepages design- WordPress Custom Design

  1. Begin design homepage based on approved concept.
  2. Deliver Initial homepage site design concept.
  3. Iteration 1 of homepage design.
  4. Deliver first revision of homepage layout.
  5. Iteration 2 of homepage design if required.
  6. Deliver second revision of homepage design for approval.

Step Three –Development (HTML Coding) of approved homepage, subsequent pages, and functional requirements.

  1. Development of all subsequent pages.
  2. Twitter account link creation

Step Four – Delivery of beta site

  1. Delivery and initial review of the functional website.
  2. The first iteration of the beta website.
  3. Deliver the first iteration of the website.
  4. The second iteration of the web site if required.
  5. Deliver the second iteration of the web site.
  6. Delivery and launch of final approved website.