Prompt web design means web development. It features planning and creating a website, internet marketing, content management system, search engine optimization, e-commerce. The word design is a very large term. It means different for different people. It is the designing of a web page. Depending on the designer’s creativity and input the web design can be good or bad. The process of web design includes all the specifications, planning objectives, and its implementation. Prompt web design can be used to describe characteristics and feeling of people. Design can vary from being responsible, sharp, smooth, different, etc.

Description of prompt web design:

Web design can help in transforming conceptual ideas to a working website. It is not limited to information design, graphical design or usability design. Web development is also a part of web designing. Designers need to have clarity and a clear vision to design a website. Our vision should be easily communicated through your design in the form of layout, imagery, typography, shapes and colors. One needs to be creative and artistic to create a good prompt web design. A combination of idea, skill and passion result in a good output. Transforming business idea to the tangible end product is required. Developing a concept is very important. Working on various characteristics like the style, appearance, shape, dimensions, economics, materials, and its utility is of importance. It also incorporates its reusability and sustainability.

HTML used for prompt web design:

HTML is used as a structure by designers, and for presentation, CCS is used. To increase interactivity, Java is used so that web browsers can view the pages. Hyperlinks are used to navigate the site; these are underlined and in blue. Images can be used as hyperlinks. Writing code that is valid for CCS and HTML makes it easier for the web designers to edit pages and solve problems. For building Prompt web design CCS and HTML are key technologies. HTML is used for structure and CCS id used for layout, style, and fonts. CCS helps in simplifying site maintenance and Web authoring. For raw content, HTML should be used, and for aesthetic style, CCS should be used. XHTML is widely used by websites these days. HTML5 is also available, but few browsers like Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer9 support it. By utilization of Extensive Markup, Language HTML4 is extended by XHTML. It carries data and does not display it. The flexibility of HTML is retained for well formed and cleaner coding. This helps the web page to be more interactive and dynamic.

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